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Brilliant Features

Here are several causes that make our application worth paying attention to

  • Chat & Groups

    Chat with other users on network or create groups with virtually no limit of users.You can connect with entire campus in a single group.

  • Query

    Ask Questions to the whole ShikshaSarathi community and get response within minutes from users on network.

  • Vault

    Keep all you important documents such as Passport, resume,IDs etc. safe at one place.Share documents among other users easily and reliably.

  • Databank

    Databank is collection of educational material. Users can also add their material which can potentially help others and earn money.

  • Test and Quiz

    Judge your skills against other users on the network with quizzes.Hone your knowledge of domain through various tests.

  • Daily Updates

    Get news and updates, current affairs and event from different institutes across india all at one place

Why 500+ institutes love us ?

  • We provide free to use app and web platform for internal and external communication for any school, college, coaching or institute.
  • We provide various forms of group communication option such as one way, two way, password protected, free and paid. Users can communicate without sharing phone numbers and up to 1000+ capacity in one group.
  • We allow institute to showcase campus news & events for free on our network. Just send it to us and we will promote.
  • Institutes can use our groups platforms in student-teacher-parent communication, seminars,events,fests,placements and many other ways .
  • Institutes can also showcase and manage content(doc & video) to all students for free and paid both ways on our platform .
  • This platform does not only provide free resources but also free promotional tool and access to entire Indian student-teacher network.
  • We have unique earning program for students as well as teachers so that their skills and learnings never go waste.

Earn from our network

ShikshaSarathi enables skilled individual to help others and earn money in the process.

  • Advanced resources

    Do you play guitar,can solve complex arithmetics or any skill that can help others. Submit your video lecturs on Advanced Resource and get paid for every user that buys your course.

  • Community Resources

    Do you have your old notes, research paper or study material of any kind which can be useful to others. Submit them in Community Resources and let them make money for you.

  • Paid Groups

    Can you provide quality continuous guidance/tips on any topic. Create a paid groups and get paid for every user that joins.

Seed Project

SEED project is a recall on green revolution through planting seeds and creating awareness about restoration of environment. It’s also our tribute to Green soldier who planted 1 crore saplings and died recently in May, 2016 with a sapling in hand. We want to continue his league and to gift our upcoming generation a green, prospering and pollution free place to live. We created a chain campaign where you do a “Karma” by planting a seed given by us and take care of it considering a family member for life time.

In India we faced 51 degree Celsius temperature this year and this may increase next year with increase in co2 content in environment. One tree per person will reduce this to a bigger extent and help us in overcoming environmental problems which we are facing. #ItsTimeToGiveBack #seedproject #earthtax

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About Us

ShikshaSarathi is an educational social network with lots of features for all your educational and social needs. Under our initiative of “Har Ghar Shiksha” ShikshaSarathi wants to join digital India movement by bringing smart education to everyone. We want to make every student feel connected, informed and able to complete his/her educational needs through our free social network.

We support BBBP (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao), NDLM (National Digital Literacy Mission),NMEICT (National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology) and Virtual Labs by Amrita University to promote virtual labs in India. We through these networks will help every Indian child to receive basic compulsory education as well as provide learning and connectivity options in every hand.

Our Vision

Our vision is to realize Dr. Abdul Kalam’s Vision 2020.We think if we submit our self to improve education technology, environment and poverty we can create a better and sustainable India.

Through ShikshaSarathi we will connect every mind with education by use of technology, where one can get cheap or free resources with quality content and instant solutions. Under Our “HAR GHAR SHIKSHA” initiative we will take education in every house of India by 2020.

We also launched “SEED PROJECT” which is a social chain to plant seeds of neem tree which will work as natural pollutant filter for environment and we had plan to forward 1 crore plus seed packets which will give birth to 10 crore neem plants till end of 2020.


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